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New Sales Generated


Sales Calls Completed

+10.3x ROI

Average ROI Increase for our Partners

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What Is An Inside Sales Machine And How Does It Add Jet Fuel To Every Ad Dollar?

A Custom-Built Automated Sales Machine is an end-to-end conversion engine designed to create a streamlined approach to your sales division that integrates with your existing marketing funnel to allow you to double the profits from every advertising dollar.

Which means you can increase your ad ROI by 100% or more without spending more on advertising, and never have to worry about your sales division again.

We take an ecosystem-based approach to developing a one-of-a-kind sales engine which in turn increases call show up rates, provides actionable reporting data for effective scaling, automated team performance updates to stay on top of your peak performers (and weed out the ones costing you money), and accelerates the rate at which you can acquire high-ticket clients with highly scalable margins.

The way we achieve this is by ditching the old way of thinking about sales funnels as being linear in nature...

What Is An Automated Sales Engine And How Does It Add Jet Fuel To Every Ad Dollar?

When in reality a high-converting sales funnel should live and breathe like an ecosystem...

When in reality a high-converting sales funnel should live and breathe like an ecosystem...


Partner Anthony TrucksPartner Anik SingalPartner Jason WojoPartner EcomHubPartner Mike DillardPartner Tom WangPartner Casey ArmstrongPartner Soldo
Partner College shortcutsPartner BeaucrabillPartner Knowledge SourcePartner NLP FreedomPartner Think MoviePartner LondonoPartner Fred LamPartner Veritas in NegotioPartner Millionaire MindPartner Future SharksPartner BuzzFeedPartner BehancePartner MindsPartner My Trending StoriesPartner Franky JohnsonPartner MogulPartner LiveJournalPartner BOCPartner Best Case LeadsPartner Franky Yang
Partner Contractor's Secret WeaponPartner Stick Like GluePartner Accelerate with Andy PaulPartner The Sales EvangelistPartner The Sales ManPartner Mortgage Lending MasteryPartner Agents LivePartner Join Up DotsPartner Anxiety-Free SellingPartner Beta2BossPartner Unstoppable CoachPartner Create Your Own LifePartner Coaching for RealPartner The Sales Development
Partner Carolin Soldo
Partner Grant Cardone
Partner Roger Love
Partner Tatianna Londono
Partner Fred Lam
Partner Mike Young
Partner Anik Singal
Partner Matt Astifan


And our clients are reaping the benefits of implementing a custom-tailored sales conversion machine in their business...

Mike Dillard

“I’ve been a marketer for over two decades, working with The Sales Connection was the exact amplifier I needed to bridge the gap between my years of marketing success and building a loyal sales division that I can trust and lean on. Marcus and Kayvon are a rare and perfect blend of Sales and Operational excellence.”

Mike Dillard

David Zaleski from EcomHub

“Working with The Sales Connection for the past 12 months has 3x'd my program. In fact, I never thought I could solely focus on the things I love about my business and outsource the rest to a team of dedicated and highly driven AAA players until I met Marcus and Kayvon - One of the best decisions I've ever made for my business!”

David Zaleski
Ecomhub Reports

Neha Gupta from College Shortcuts grew by 117.5% in 30 days and said…

“I knew I had great service, I knew I had a great product but I couldn’t figure out why it was such a struggle to make a sale, find sales professionals and step back from the daily call. It wasn't until I worked with Kayvon and The Sales Connection that I discovered stepping back was a possibility - Let alone that their team would 10x my business. The best Partners I could’ve asked for.”

Neha Gupta
Proof 1
Case Study 1Case Study 2
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Case Study 3


College Shortcuts Report




3 years ago she was doing $100k in annual revenue



No systems no closers



Hired Kayvon to consult on Sales script and processes, and took it to $1.1 million in first year together



Then, we sat down with Neha and showed her what a Sales Machine looks like



Now Neha has grown her company by 300% and works 10 hours or less a week because of the sales operations



Look, if you’re a high-ticket coach or consultant in the info marketing space struggling to break past the 5 figure per month mark…

And if you have your first sales person or first handful of sales pros…

Then making sure that you’re squeezing every last dollar of ROI out of your existing leads is going to be paramount to the success of your business and especially your ability to scale.

If you’ve got your offer dialed in but you know at the core of your being that you could and should be reaching more people and landing more clients with your marketing efforts…

Then this is for you.

This is also for you if you are a growth-minded digital entrepreneur who scoffs at the idea of limitations then you’re the type of business owner that we look to partner with.

If you’re on a mission to impact and expand your insights to as many people as possible.

Then a Sales Conversion Machine is the missing link in your business to patch the holes in your CRM which are quite literally bleeding cash as we speak.



This is not for you if:
You don’t have a proven core offer
You don’t have amazing case studies
You are spending less than $10,000 per month on advertising



Here’s the truth about why you can’t scale your high-ticket consulting business:

You’ve been misled to chase too many marketing rabbits instead of putting sales systems in place to maximize the profits that your existing marketing can produce.

With rising ad costs, Apple and tracking changes happening, and new competitors coming into the market trying to grab a slice of your pie…

You can achieve 6-figures per month using a sales conversion machine…

However, there is a problem because of what’s been spouted in the online marketing space over the last 3 years...

The way that you win the game is by maximizing the ROI of your leads and funnels by installing a sales machine (note: not another marketing funnel or tactic).

And especially if your first 1-5 sales people on your team…

Do you actually know what’s going on?

Do you have insights like these?...

Decoding 1Decoding 2Decoding 3

Our clients know exactly what every salesperson is doing at any given moment in time…

How many calls they have booked.

What they’re closing…

What they’re not closing…

And why.

So that we have insights as to what needs to be optimized, who on the team needs to be coached, and what pivots to make to maximize ROI.

Not to mention they can see rolling reports so that the revenue and profits in their business at the click of a button.

Because at the end of the day… The real reason we entrepreneurs do what we do is for profits so that we can produce even more impact for ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients.

When was the last time you had the ability to see anything in your business at a glance like this…

Decoding 4Decoding 5

What you see in the charts and case studies above are not accidental nor unpredictable.

They are the result of engineering a sales conversion machine to systematically and ethically extract every possible dollar from the leads you’re already paying for.

Here’s a few samples of custom-tailored, 6 figure per month sales machine schematics to give you an idea of what these sales machines can look like from a bird’s eye view…

What you see in the charts and case studies above are not accidental nor unpredictable.

They are the result of engineering a sales conversion machine to systematically and ethically extract every possible dollar from the leads you’re already paying for.

Here’s a few samples of custom-tailored, 6 figure per month sales machine schematics to give you an idea of what these sales machines can look like from a bird’s eye view…

Decoding 1Decoding 2Decoding 3Decoding 4Decoding 5Decoding 6
Decoding 7Decoding 8Decoding 9Decoding 10

How did this come to be?


New Sales Generated


Sales Calls Completed

+10.3x ROI

Average ROI Increase for our Partners

We’ve been mastering sales, operations, and conversion automations 2008.

After conducting more than 23,193 sales calls between ourselves and our teams. Our partners have benefited from our systems to the tune of $30M+ in new sales generated.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kayvon Kay, and 10 years ago… I hit rock bottom...


I was trying everything from MLM’s, affiliate marketing, agencies, you name it…

Nothing worked and I was $100,000 in debt, sleeping in the back of a car, with no direction as to how to dig myself out of it.

On the verge of giving up, I went to a workshop in downtown Vancouver, where I met a mentor who introduced me to the world of selling and leadership, and within just a few months I was closing $15k ⇒ $25k deals and getting pretty damn good at it too.

I worked with Grant Cardone, Tatiana Londono, Fred lam, Anik Singal, Peter Sage, Roger Love and many others in the business space closing multiple 7 figures in deals….

I was successful at making my clients a lot of money and climbed my way out of debt, but every single high-ticket coach that I was selling for hit a roadblock and couldn’t break through it.

It was like a glass ceiling of revenue for the business that no matter what we did on the marketing front…
Nothing worked.

So I called up an old friend of mine, Marcus.

Marcus was the annoying guy in school with the fancy binders, completely organized, and colour coded stickers on his notes.

We actually were both competitive skiers in the old days, but we had long since hung up our poles and skis.

As soon as I showed him what I was doing with my clients and showed him the marketing funnels we had set up, he was able to point out 5 different elements to unlocking limitless scale.

Marcus Willson

Points that had nothing to do with the marketing funnel…

But rather, the CRM infrastructure, the systems, the automations, the integrations, and the follow-up nurturing.

We worked together for 6 months to build the first ever Sales Conversion Machine, and since then have installed it into more than 27 different partners to validate this system and run more than $30 million dollars through it to prove that it works long term.

After realizing that every client who installed this Sales Conversion Machine into their business multiplied their current ad ROI by 10.3x+ on average, Marcus and I forged The Sales Connection to help High-Ticket Coaches scale past their current glass ceiling and well into high 6-figure months.


There Are 3 Keys That Most High-Ticket Digital Entrepreneurs Are Missing That Costs Them Millions Of Dollars In Missed Revenue Potential...

Key #1

Fancy Over Functional

Most online businesses and digital entrepreneurs were sold this pipe-dream that “all you need is a funnel” or a webinar, or a VSL, and are constantly being sold on the latest tactic or trick to get more sales.

But contrary to popular belief...

You need an Ecosystem for sales specific activities that most business owners are blind to.

Your business owner friends will think that you must have found some new funnel hack but in reality the big shift that led to 2-5x'ing your return on ad spend (ROAS) than you are now was because you installed an ecosystem to make sure every single dollar and lead is accounted for.

You see, the real reason why most Online Businesses are failing or trapped underneath the 7 figure glass ceiling...

Is because you're focusing all your efforts on fancy funnels, new ads, new videos, new hooks, funnel tracking software, new marketing hacks, and other things taking your attention away from the opportunity that you've already put on the table.

We go black and blue fighting for anything that works but yet we wonder why we are not making our numbers or even worse...

You don’t even see or fully understand how you're leaving a fortune on the table by not having a robust sales system integrated into your business.

Here is the deal - When Marketing MEETS Sales it’s not supposed to crash like the waves on to the beach!

It’s the opposite - it's meant to connect like the Key in the door lock...

What does that mean…

Well having THE RIGHT framework (foundation) that we produce, build and scale for you…


Moving onto key #2...

Fancy Over Functional

Key #2

Can’t Get Or Keep Good Sales Talent

The real reason that you might be struggling to acquire and retain quality sales people is not because there are no good sales people…

It’s because they have no reason to stay without a working system to keep them fed with high quality leads.

When You Do This Right…

Your sales people are happy, top talent flocks to you and is excited to work with you (giving you more negotiating power with them in the hiring process), and most importantly…

They perform like rockstars.

Day in and day out.

Week in and week out.

Month in and month out.

And so on…

Which brings us to key #3...

Can’t Get Or Keep Good Sales Talent

Key #3

Your Salespeople Have Too Much Control Over The Process (Making It Unpredictable)

If everything that happens between when the lead books their call and speaks to your salesperson is not automated… 

You will never get consistency in the economics of the business because the human element is "winging it"...

Not sure about you... but I'm not one for "winging it" when it comes to scaling my business and my net worth.

When You Fix This…

The revenue roller coaster ride can end and you can get predictability and consistency with your sales once and for all.

Let’s look at this…

Your lead books a call and from the moment they book, everything that happens between the booking, during the booking and even after the sale you can track, understand and improve on

Like Peter Drucker said - “What doesn't get measured doesn't get improved.”

Why let your sales people have this much control?

Your sales team is not there to provide structure to the business… they are there to sell for you.

Key takeaway:

Let the system control your business and let the sales person control the conversation.....

Your Salespeople Have Too Much Control Over The Process


So, as you can see, we can break this all down into 3 steps that we handle for you from start to finish…

All you need to do is:



Identify The Holes In Your Marketing Bucket(s)

(The Lock)



Patch Those Holes With An Automated Sales Machine

(The Key)

Smash Gl


Unlock The Door To Hit Scale Velocity

(Smash Glass Ceiling)

Take Your Business To 6 Figures Per Month & Beyond After You’ve Now Multiplied By 10.3x+ ROI Inside Your High-Ticket Coaching Business Within 30 Days Without Changing Anything In Your Marketing Funnel Or Adding Another Dollar To Your Ad Spend


30-Day Difference

Same Marketing, Same Offer, Same Ad Spend*

*Technically $2,000 LESS ad spend ($2,147.73 to be exact)
Proof is below

in sales


in sales in 30 days



Proof 1

June 18th, 2021 → July 18th, 2021

Proof 2

July 18th, 2021 → August 18th, 2021

Proof 3

Now there are a few ways to achieve this:

Option 1

is to try to use a software tool that claims to work


It won’t be designed specifically for your business so you’ll spend 6 months or more trying to force a tech tool into your business

(Think of a round peg and a square hole)

Option 2

is to hire someone to find you sales talent… that’s popular right now…


So you invest $25k and 3 months of time simply to have that talent leave because they get fed up with the lack of systems in place to keep their income consistent and go to your competitor


You can have us build this for you and solve this problem in the correct order and achieve 6 figure scale velocity and expand your impact while double-dipping on your ad spend.

Which again, we build the whole thing for you in 10 business days after finishing your intake form (which can be done on day 1)



You’ll multiply your ROI by 10.3x (average client result)


Attract amazing talent to your business and offering(s)


Scale to a point where you can finally earn the freedom to fulfill the real reason you started your business in the first place

I’m guessing it wasn’t to be strapped to your laptop for 10+ hours/day

Apply to work with us


Again, this for high-ticket coaches who are growth-minded and ready to unlock 6 figures per month in revenue and beyond, but are struggling to crack the code to profit-driving sales systems that match their unique funnel and offering.



Again, this is not some flashy tactic that extinguishes in a few days…

It's boring but highly effective for long term scaling and maximizing profits in any healthy coaching business.

56 clients over that last 5 years exclusively in this market and have had us build a custom-tailored Sales Conversion Machine to achieve fantastic results.


union arrow


Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

You will be able to double-dip on your ad spend by maximizing your dollars earned for every lead you capture.

You will be able to multiply your ROI by 10.3x without increasing ad spend in as little as 30 days post-installation.

You can finally get rid of all the manual sales activities that you’re doing now and get back 10+ hours per week of your life to spend on growing other areas of your business, or enjoying the fruits of your new sales machine.

You can forget about constantly having to rework and relaunch your marketing funnel every few weeks.

You will get access to better opportunities, talent, and private networks because you’ll have the numbers that make other online entrepreneurs wonder what you’re doing that they’re not.

You will feel confident, capable, and motivated to impact even more people knowing that you’re now in the driver seat gripping the wheel of a business with supercar levels of horsepower.



If your application is accepted after review from our team, you’ll receive a Statement of Work (SOW) similar to the one on this page…

Click Here To See The Sample SOW



Limited Spots Due To Intense Work Scope

Because these projects are so intense to build and everything is truly done for you…

We only accept 4 new clients per month out of all the 30+ applications we receive.

Please note: Included sales consultation & script crafting are limited to the first 2 clients of the month who sign on.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How are you different from other agencies?
That's a great question... and to be completely honest with you, that's not really a concern that you need to have with our service at all. Because our service is application only, our application process is specifically designed to inform us as to whether or not a custom-built sales conversion machine is the right move for your business and its current state.

There is a certain threshold that an online entrepreneur needs to get through before this service is able to maximize its Effectiveness.

If you do not yet have a working offer that is converting and generating at least $50,000 per month in sales then this is likely not the path for you.
However, if you feel like you have a unique case that might work for you and have solid foundations in marketing and an offer that is early in the validation stage but showing promise, then feel free to fill out the form and we will reach out to you if it's a good fit or not.
blue arrow
What’s The Cost?
We enjoy this question from prospective clients because we have a clear track record, the ability to report on our results in real time, and have specifically designed this service to help entrepreneurs save multiple six-figures.

Typically, most tech stacks and especially CRM software companies can charge upwards of six figures per year simply to sign up and use their technology. Most companies use CRMs beyond 1 year and it can quickly turn into a 7-figure investment (and they don’t actually build anything for you… you have to figure out how to use it and turn it into ROI).

Normally, this could be to the tune of $125,000 per year depending on the requirements needed to fulfill your sales pipeline and processes.
Not to mention, hiring data analysts, sales consultants, and marketing technologists can rack that bill up really fast.

Our custom-built sales machines can tap into existing tech stacks if you have them, and we can help set you up on the most cost-effective strategies to protect your bottom line while you let the sales machine break your top line revenue through the glass ceiling you’ve been bumping up against.

Which is why we’ve priced our most popular and effective buildout at 1/10th the price of doing this all on your own.

Note: if you do require software sign-ons, as a client of The Sales Connection you’ll also benefit from discounts and exclusive partnership options that leverage our private network with the different founders of CRMs, and other tools.
blue arrow
What If I’m Busy Managing My Business To Do This Buildout? It Seems Intense.
We expect you to be busy, that’s why you’re reading this page… and we respect your drive to grow your business.

And that’s why our service is a completely Done-For-You service.

All you have to do is fill out the simple and straightforward intake form and our team goes to work after submission.

We’ll only ever notify you if we require additional information or assets but the entire building process is done by our team of experts.
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What Will Be The Return On Investment?
Now you're thinking like a true business partner…

On average, our clients achieve a minimum of 10.3x increased return on ad spend within the first 30 days of installing and utilizing the sales conversion machine to its fullest potential.

It’s not a matter of whether or not your new sales machine will work for you. It’s worked for 56 different companies in the high ticket sales and entrepreneurship space.

Your ROI is guaranteed or we work with you until it works.

Our clients who take full advantage of the sales machine, reporting, processes, and sales improvements have seen increases of 100% or more.
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How Long Does It Take To Build And How Fast Can I Use It?
The way we work is quite simple.

If we do not finish your custom tailored Sales Machine build out within 10 business days after completing your intake form… we’ll refund your full investment.

Once the system is installed undo your business, you can expect a 7 to 14 day ramp up. Where you familiarize yourself with everything that's included and acclimate your team to using it following the instructions provided by our team.

Most of our clients achieve substantial results within the first 14 days and more dramatic results by the end of a full 30-day implementation period.

The more exciting thing about having this machine in your business is that you’ll finally have insights into every cog in your sales process so that you can make informed, effective decisions to maximize your ROI month after month that most other high ticket coaches and consultants would be completely blind to.
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How Can I Pay If My Application Is Accepted?
We accept client payments via credit card or bank wire.
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Does It Matter What Niche I’m In?
Our custom-built sales conversion machines have been tested throughout 13 different niches with very similar results across the board.

What is most important is that you have a working High ticket offer for your coaching or Consulting business and have some traction with your marketing funnel.

The way we build these sales machines has been designed purposefully to integrate with your existing marketing funnel.

We have a plethora of experience with custom build outs for all kinds of funnels including but not limited to webinar funnels, VSL funnels, challenge funnels, pre-sell funnels, and more.
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When Will I Know If My Application Has Been Accepted?
We reply to applications who we see as a good fit for discovery within 24 hours of submission.
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Are There Any Long Term Contracts?
No, only upon request after your new sales conversion machine is built and implemented.

Some of our clients request ongoing support but that is not required and we do not lock you into any long-term contracts.
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What Countries Does This Work In?
Our previous 56 clients have been primarily based in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Typically, location does not matter as long as your high-ticket offer is converting in the country you are advertising in.
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What Does It Take To Get Started?
Click the button below to Apply To Work With Us and we’ll let you know within 24 hours if your application is approved to move forward.
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