assessmentstep 2

Sales Assessment

What’s your sales style? This step is an important proprietary assessment that helps us match the right people with the right clients and it informs how our leaders coach you once hired.

About This Step

This assessment by OMG is more than a skills survey—it’s a custom diagnostic exercise that we use to generate a multi-dimensional snapshot of your sales style.


Preparing for your OMG survey:


Be ready to complete this in a single sitting without pauses. Ensure you are in a quiet environment without distractions or any pressing time constraints.


Click the link below to begin. This will take you to a trusted external site.


There are no wrong answers.


Your first answer is usually the best answer. Don’t over think it.


Honesty is the best approach. Answer the questions based on what you do, how you think and what you have said and done
in the past; not what you think the assessment might be looking for.


If you try to game the assessment it will lead to inconsistent answers, and that will raise flags. This affects your chances of a strong assessment.


If you don’t receive a call or an interview, it is likely a result of the total number of candidates that applied and the subset of candidates that might be a better fit for the current client opportunity. It is not necessarily a reflection of your assessment results.

If you get stuck or have questions email:

After you complete the survey you will receive a confirmation email and from there we'll start our review and reach out to you within 24-48 business hours.

Begin intake: