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Inside Sales Outsourcing | SMB Online Businesses | Sales Connection
Inside Sales Outsourcing | SMB Online Businesses | Sales Connection

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Building and nurturing a sales team and its department is one of the most time-consuming and costly tasks associated with business growth. It requires adept sales and operations experience with recruiting the right sales people, implementing the right CRM and sales systems and continuously managing and optimizing the department according to live results.


The biggest problem is finding top talent who are actually the right fit for a company and its goals. Whether it’s one elite sales rep or a full department tiered with a sales director, performance coach, KPI manager and sales administrator, people are the lifeblood of growth-focused businesses, and acquiring the right sales talent can change everything. Only 1.5% of applicants should ever be considered.


The right roster must operate with industry-leading tools that are the right fit for your business and objectives. Teams that operate more effectively and efficiently chart smoother and faster growth results, and experience less turnover. It’s good for business.


The Sales Connection has trained over 32,000 sales professionals in more than 100 countries. We’ve designed and implemented over 210 different custom CRMs. And we’ve built and managed entire departments for more than 100 companies. We know what goes into developing top-performing salespeople and sales teams.

Our clients choose us to manage sales recruitment because we specialize in selecting excellent candidates who match their company on 5 dimensions; values, behavior, culture, references and aptitude.

We Guarantee That Our Reps Will 10x Your Investment In 100 Days, Or We Replace Them At No Cost. Like What You Are Hearing?


How We Work - Your Sales Department Designed And Built With Our Process

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Locate truths and opportunities: we get a thorough understanding of your business, processes, tools and culture. We identify blind spots, breakthroughs and improvements.

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Plan the ideal state: we design the system of people, processes, and tools for immediate implementation and department success. This is how you will turn leads into revenue.


People Stack

Architect the team: we build a people stack, or hierarchy, for healthy department growth. From the sales leader to sales coach to sales trainer, we build an integrated team.

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Hire only the right people: we build a dedicated hiring pipeline. We recruit, onboard and continuously optimize the team with members ideal for growth.


Foster and grow A players: we take on the responsibility of total management, including day-to-day and long-term oversight, so you don’t have to.


Develop your elite talent: we bring world-class sales training, with proven communications tactics, sales protocols and ongoing development.



Equip the team with process: we identify the best CRMs, tools and processes for your team. Then we configure them, implement and systemize their use for company-wide benefit.

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Know your business by knowing the numbers: we determine the right metrics to measure and optimize growth, and establish a KPI reporting system to ensure the team thrives.

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Evergreen Strategy

Improve continuously: we introduce new ways to improve, optimize and grow your department, processes and people. We take pride in bringing new insights and learnings.

Types Of Businesses We Excel At Serving

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Online Courses

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Financial Publishing

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B2B (small)

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High Ticket Sales

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Business Opportunity

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Business Improvement

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Service Providers

How We Improve Your Business

How your business benefits from systemized sales growth.

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The Tools We Use To Manage Your Sales Department



With a dedicated lens on all levels of your sales division, we continue to improve flow, people, and reporting.


Reporting &

The health of your business thrives with the knowledge and foresight that a reliable reporting system delivers.


Recruitment & Acquisition

Filtering out 98.7% of people to fill your roster with right-fit people is part of establishing a continuous hiring pipeline.


Onboarding & Management

Getting people properly oriented and familiar with our systems sets them up to deliver from day one.



With experience and exposure to the latest trends, we continuously evaluate the merit of upgraded tools and process.



We map the plan for how people, process and tools will transform your sales expectations for growth.


Data, Metrics & Reporting

Together we establish the right KPIs to chart your company’s growth and report a clear, consistent picture of sales.


Training & Documentation

We employ world-class training techniques and courses to turn the right-fit people into an elite remote sales team.

What our clients say

The difference your company will experience.

Our 10x Guarantee on sales recruitment services


We guarantee to 10x revenue on your investment into Inside Sales Outsourcing within 100 days or we’ll rehire the team for free.


We have a track record that gives us confidence to make bold claims and blow our clients away.

Top-performing companies have top-performing sales divisions.


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