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Video Submission

It’s time to tell us about yourself. Elite-level remote sales professionals know how to wow on screen and use modern tools to show up and shine. This is our favorite part of the hiring process.

About This Step

The Sales Connection uses Loom in our day-to-day work. It’s a best-in-class video-sharing tool that’s quick and easy to use. You’ll use it for your submission.


Preparing for your video:


Get ready to sell us, impress us and let us know about you.


Show authenticity, character and why you’re ready to be part of this team.


Your video should be a concise 2-3 minutes.


Topics you should cover in your video:

Why do you want to work with TSC?

Why did you pick a career in sales?

What is your ideal work environment?

Why you? What sets you a part from other sales professionals?

Tell us about your drive, competitive spirit and winners DNA.

Recording your video:


To create your video, go to

loom logo

Create a free account


There are no wrong answers.


Record using Camera Only Mode.


Once you're happy with your video, copy your video's link.


Paste your link into the form below.

If you get stuck or have questions email:

After your submission you will receive a confirmation email.  Then we'll start our review and reach out to you within 24-48 business hours.

Submit your link: