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DISC Assessment

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20 Minutes

Personality Diagnostic

As you know, team culture sits above all at TSC. We are committed to people who will thrive and enhance our culture of winning. Help us really get to know you by completing a DISC personality assessment.

About This Step

Innermetrix ADVanced Insights' DISC is more than just a personality survey, it’s a diagnostic that we use to generate a complete view of your personality type and attributes. This is not a test, so just be true to you. Everyone at TSC completes this assessment annually; it’s an incredible tool we use for continuous growth and coaching across the entire team.  

This assessment produces a 72-page synopsis of your results. We’ll share it with you so you have an opportunity to review it.


Preparing for your DISC assessment:


Before you begin, make sure you are in a quiet environment without distractions or any pressing time constraints.


The DISC assessment link will take you to a trusted external site.


Once you click the link below, you will be asked to enter your personal information. Enter your first and last name and your professional email address.

Your name and email should be the exact same as entered in step one of the application process.


You will then click “DISC INDEX.” Answer all questions thoughtfully and honestly—there are no right or wrong answers.


Complete all 3 indexes: DISC, Values, and Attributes.

If you get stuck or have questions email: careers@thesalesconnection.com

After you complete the assessment you will receive a confirmation email and from there we'll start our review and reach out to you within 24-48 business hours.

Start your DISC assessment: