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30 Minutes

In-person Interviews

Congratulations, you’ve impressed us enough to ge this far. We’re excited to get some one-on-one time to discuss your remarkable future and see how you would fit into the TSC team.

About This Step

This is a critical step, few applicants get to this stage. This is a live interview(s) with one of our interviewers. It’s an exciting, formal first chance to properly meet.


You must adhere to the following:


Select a date and time that work for you.


Your interview will be 30 minutes.


Your name and email should be the exact same as entered in step one of the application process.


All canceled meetings and no-shows will disqualify applicants from the process.


You should have access to a quiet, distraction-free environment.


Show your professionalism and accountability, get this meeting in your calendar and we look forward to speaking with you.


Show up to impress, this is a formal job interview.

After you book a time you will get a confirmation email.

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