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Getting Started with TSC

How can I find time to manage this buildout while running my business?

We respect your drive to grow and know you’re busy.

That’s why our services require next-to-no ongoing involvement from you and will be executed with no disruption to the ongoing operations and flow of your business. It’s a done-for-you service.

Just fill out the simple intake form, and if we’re the right fit, our team gets to work.‍

We only notify you if we require additional information or assets. But the entire design, build and management process is done by our team.

How long is the sales engine build and how soon can I use it?

Ten business days.

You read that right. And if we do not finish your custom sales engine build-out within ten business days after completing your intake form, we’ll refund your full investment.

Once the system is installed undo your business, you can expect a 7 to 14 day ramp-up. This is where we get your team familiarized with everything that's included and acclimate everyone to using it and following the best-practice protocols provided by our team.

Most of our partners achieve substantial results within the first 14 days and more dramatic results by the end of a full 30-day implementation period.

The exciting part is that you’ll finally have insights into every cog in your sales process. Then you’ll be making truly informed, effective decisions to maximize your ROI month after month.

Once my application is accepted, how do I pay?

We accept client payments via credit card or bank wire.

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Becoming a Partner

How are you different from other outsourced sales agencies?

It comes down to our client relationships, our people and how we design, build, manage and optimize your entire sales division.

First of all, we don’t have clients, we bring on partners. We care about your business like it’s our own, because we share in the success and celebrate the wins with you. We only prosper when you do. Our partner testimonials can give you an indication of how important the relationship has been to our partners.

Our sales professionals are second-to-none, they possess the qualities of professional athletes; determination, discipline, resilience, growth and teamwork. Our scouting and recruiting filter out 98.7% of applicants and put the successful candidates through world-class sales training. They have mastered the essential human-to-human connection, the most important part of this business. And our sales pros only work for your business, on one product.

And finally, we don’t do outsourced sales. We build Growth Operating Systems for our partners. After understanding the complete inner workings and cultural fabric of your company, we design and build infrastructure, implement leading technology into a sales engine, establish tracking and reporting practices, and then train and optimize your team on a consistent basis. This is how companies scale, and leave sales growth and sales department management with experts.

Do you have a performance guarantee?

You heard correctly.

For all of our services, we provide an industry-leading 10x Guarantee. We guarantee that you’ll 10x your investment within 100 days, or we will rehire your team at no cost. To learn more about our guarantee, check our Recruitment, Sales Engine and Full Service pages.

What’s the cost compared to other agencies?

We don’t charge based on a static cost sheet.

Most tech stacks (especially with CRM software companies) can charge upwards of six figures per year, just to sign up and use their technology. Most businesses use CRMs beyond one year and it can easily turn into a seven-figure investment. Even at that, the provider won’t actually build anything for you. You have to learn how to use it and turn it into ROI.

This could be upwards of $125,000 per year, depending on the requirements needed to fulfill your sales pipeline and processes. That doesn’t include hiring data analysts, sales consultants, and marketing technologists that will work against the bottom line quickly.

For a more modern and efficient approach, we’ve custom-built our sales machine.

Our system can integrate with your existing tech stacks if you have them, and we will set you up on the most cost-effective way to protect your bottom line. Meanwhile, your sales engine shoots your revenue through the ceiling you’ve been bumping up against.

We’ve priced our most popular and effective buildout to reduce the cost of doing this all on your own by 90%.

If you do require software sign-ons, you’ll also benefit from The Sales Connection’s partner discounts and exclusive options that leverage our private network with founders of CRMs and other industry-leading tools.

Does it matter what niche I’m in?

Our custom-built sales engine has been tested throughout 13 different niches with similar results across the board.

What matters most is that you have a high-ticket offer for your coaching or consulting business, and you have traction with your marketing funnel that you’re ready to grow.

The way we customize the sales engine has been designed specifically to integrate with your existing marketing funnel.

We have experience with custom build-outs for all types of funnels including, but not limited to, webinar funnels, VSL funnels, challenge funnels, pre-sell funnels, and more.

When will I know if my application has been accepted?

We reply to successful applications within 24 hours of submission.

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Hiring Sales Professionals

How do you recruit the right sales professionals?

We use a scientific recruiting method to hire a team of sales professionals that have a company-wide commitment to increase sales.

How long does it take to place high-quality hires?

It usually takes 1-3 days if your needs match an existing candidate in our vetted talent pool. It can take 14-21 days if your requirements are such that we must source from external channels.

Will I be able to select from a pool of sales reps?

Yes. We have a pool of vetted sales professionals on standby. 

They have all passed our scouting and recruitment gauntlet with flying colors. However, if any one of them is not a fit for your needs, we will source the exact sales professional you need when you need them most.

What can I expect from my upgraded team?

You can expect a team of elite sales professionals driving up your profits.

You can also expect them to stick around and grow with you for years. These are individuals who are not only highly trained, they are experienced, predictable and reliable so you can trust them to represent your business with integrity, excitement, and excellence.

How will my brand be represented by my new team?

Our sales pros treat your brand as if it is our own.

Respect for our partners’ brands is paramount. You can expect each sales professional to represent your products and services with all the nuances and expressions of your brand personality and reputation, and also with integrity.

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Reporting and Performance

Do you provide any tracking so we can gauge success?

Yes, with a full 360º view of progress.

We integrate with our partners’ systems and build world-class sales reporting and tracking to measure growth. You’ll unlock a 360º view of every sales professional, from daily activity to overall performance, so you understand exactly which hires are most profitable, and why.

What will my return on investment be?

On average, our clients achieve a minimum of 10.3x increased return on ad spend within the first 30 days of installing and utilizing the sales conversion engine to its full potential.

Our sales engine has worked for 56 different companies in the high-ticket sales and entrepreneurship space.

Your ROI is 10x guaranteed.

Our partners who take full advantage of the sales engine, reporting, processes and improvements have seen increases of 100% and more.

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Working with TSC

What’s your secret sauce?

We use a scientific method to create a company-wide commitment to increase sales: we build your GOS.

Working with us can help you break through barriers to growth after being paired with the perfect sales representatives for your business needs. 

Our representatives work on a per-sale basis, eliminating the high employment expenses associated with sales reps entirely. You can focus on running your business again with a quality, low-cost sales team driving your sales.

Do I get access to the systems you use?

Yes, you’ll receive your own login credentials for each system we use.

How long have you been building & managing sales teams?

We have a combined 30 years of experience building elite sales professionals who drive your profits and stay with you for years.

What industries do you serve?

Our custom-built sales engine have been tested throughout 13 different niches with very similar results across the board. The following categories lead our partner list:






Online Courses

Financial Publishing



B2B (small)

High Ticket Sales


Business Opportunity

Business Improvement

I have a question and it’s not listed here.

That’s ok, we love to chat.
It means you’re engaged in this process. Eagerness and drive are values close to our hearts. Book a call with us and ask all the questions.

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