About The Sales Connection

Our Mission Is To Build A System For Growth And Victory For Every Winner* In The World

*If you're an entrepreneur or a sales pro with a competitive drive and hunger for unstoppable growth, you're a winner.

We are a remote sales firm specializing in building and optimizing sales departments with our clients. We scale companies using a Growth Operating System.

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Sales Engine & CRM

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We value the commitment to winning. Everything we do is about helping winners reach their next level of potential.

One Team With Our Partners

Our clients are partners, we’re part of the same team. We care about their business like it’s ours. We grow together, win together, and celebrate together.

Culture Committed
To Winning

Our team has cultivated a culture around the athlete’s DNA. Just like our partners, we are competitive, ambitious and resilient. We’re connected, team-first people.

Designing Systems
For Success

Our team has cultivated a culture around the athlete’s DNA. Just like our partners, we are competitive, ambitious and resilient. We’re connected, team-first people.

This is how we are known for a roster of elite talent that help our partners become unstoppable forces in business.

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Winning Is A Science

As former competitive athletes, our founders have built a system for growth based on the behaviors of successful entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

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Kayvon Kay
CEO, Sales Expert

Over twenty years, Kayvon has mastered the art and science of sales, developing proprietary methodologies and coaching programs while training over 15,000 sales professionals in more than 101 countries.

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Marcus Willson
COO, Operations Expert

As a former fractional COO, Marcus has retooled, optimized and scaled businesses to 8-figure revenues in online education, large healthcare networks and businesses in need of major systems streamlining for growth.

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What's A Growth Operating System?

It's a methodology, and a commitment, to copany-wide growth. We prime your business for the next level through these five lenses.







Change Automation

Detailed Metrics

Elite Talent

Professional Training

Systems & Processes

Growth requires change, and automation is the key to continuous scaling. Let’s organize your business for smooth, ongoing change.

Growth requires data, to understand the past and power insight going forward. Let’s build a simple system of knowledge for effectiveness.

Growth requires elite people, motivated to grow a healthy culture committed to success. Let’s identify and recruit your next level team.

Growth requires dynamic capabilities, with highly effective people trained to evolve. Let’s get years of training expertise into your talent.

Growth requires infrastructure, with seamless conventions to maximize leads. Let’s build a system of conversions; a well-oiled machine.

Our partners trust us to build and manage their seamless, high-performing internal system of people, processes and tools for reliable sales growth. This is the Growth Operating System.

It starts with a Full Service partnership.

Outsourced Sales Departments

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We’ll handle diagnostics, sales recruitment and building out a CRM. But most of our partners trust us to take on the entire sales division.

We’ll DBMO your entire sales division: design, build, manage and optimize. We work with what you already have and build on it, improve it and prepare to scale. This is how we increase sales effectiveness and profitability for unmatched company growth.

This is how we start the Growth Operating System.









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