Sales Rep Training Program for New Recruits 2024
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Sales Rep Training Program for New Recruits 2024

Kayvon Kay
Kayvon Kay

March 19, 2024

Sales Rep Training Program for New Recruits 2024

Sales Rep Training Program for New Employees Recruits 2024

Your organization is getting ready to expand by hiring sales representatives. But for this next round of hires, you want to ensure that new employees are given the opportunity to become superstars by empowering them with knowledge and skills that will drive revenue straight into your company’s accounts receivables. The Sales Connection’s sales rep training program, which can be customized to new recruits, is how to make the magic happen.

6 Reasons Why It’s Mission Critical to Invest in Training Programs for New Sales Rep Recruits

Builds Healthy Habits from the Start

Healthy (from a sales perspective) habit development is one of the most powerful ways to create unstoppable sales reps. For habits to take hold and be sustainable, they must be incorporated from the moment of post-recruitment. 

It’s vital to recognize that new hires may be coming into your organization with certain behaviors that were instilled from the companies that they worked with previously. These may not align with your values nor be rooted in best sales practices. These behaviors are not generally evident in the recruitment process. Instead, they get revealed once the employee has already started connecting to your prospective clients. This creates a risk to productivity that needs to be nipped in the bud. The most powerful way to intervene is through a sales rep training program that will help them develop new and effective habits. Watch the quick video below from The Sale Connection Plaibook for more on the importance of habit formation. 

Incentive for Attracting Ambitious Talent

Company-provided learning and development programs send a strong message about your corporate culture. It signals how much your company values education and growth for its sales employees, which sends a message that you are hiring them for the long haul. Therefore, the mere mention of training programs on recruitment listings and your company’s LinkedIn profile will attract ambitious sales reps.

Better Engagement (and Learning) Opportunities for Remote Hires

Will a portion or all of your new sales recruits be working remotely? If so, they may be geographically scattered all over the province/state, country, continent, or even world. This makes education and training a challenge for most companies, but not those who adopt the most effective sales rep training program. The Sales Connection’s Online Sales Mastery Training course will teach remote reps how to cultivate all the skills needed to pursue new business and close deals with absolute consistency. This will not only help your bottom line, it will get them better engaged in the job no matter how far away they may be from corporate HQ.

Opportunities for In-Person Learning (and out of office fun)

While online courses are important to the development of top sales reps, it’s ideal to take a hybrid approach whenever possible. Scheduling staff to attend educational seminars provides an opportunity to be better engaged in their own education while coming together in a social environment with their peers. Plus, any opportunity to get “out-of-office” as a group is downright fun, which is another way to boost productivity. 

The Sales Connections’s 2-day Sales Mastery Seminar is designed to identify blind spots, break bad habits and calibrate new ongoing routines and tactics that elite performers trust to achieve peak performance every day that they show up for work. Enjoy a snippet of what seminar experiences can be like for attendees by watching this video on in-person role playing exercises. 


Lowers Churn and Fosters Loyalty 

Churn rate is an age-old battle for sales directors and VPs. Turnover in the field of sales averages around 35% per annum. That’s too high. In the high ticket space, it is even more tricky as many sales reps are moonlighting or acting as mercenaries hopping around from the highest paying offer. 

We believe lowering churn and fostering loyalty are interlinked with your commitment to consistently offering powerful sales rep training programs. The most successful sales organizations are unwavering in their focus here. Sales training, mentorship, and community building among new and existing team members enable a culture of learning, collaboration, and excellence. Your company will also be better able to retain staff, lower the costs associated with hiring, and improve sales overall. 

Of course, the more experienced your sales rep becomes, the more in-depth knowledge they have about your product/service, which is especially important to closing deals on high ticket items and the like. 

Opportunity to Recruit from Within?

Lastly, ongoing adoption of a sales rep training program may actually reduce your reliance on new hires. It may instead allow you to recruit a significant proportion of “new” reps from within the organization, which has several major benefits. 

View more on sales talent recruiting from within through better training. 

Schedule a consultation with The Sales Connection to learn more about how our training programs will turn your sales team into masters of their craft on your behalf.

Kayvon Kay

Kayvon Kay

Kayvon has over two decades of experience working with high-level closers and perfecting his sales methodologies. He has earned the title of Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative and continues to share his expertise as a keynote speaker and through his multi-million-dollar coaching program.

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