Why CLOSE is the best CRM Solution for SMBs and Sales Teams
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Why CLOSE is the best CRM Solution for SMBs and Sales Teams

March 14, 2024

Why CLOSE is the best CRM Solution for SMBs and Sales Teams CRM Review Reviews Integrations Canada

Even if your sales team has been well trained and functioning at full capacity as far as existing infrastructure allows, scalable growth cannot be attained without a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. However, not all CRMs are created equally. Far from it, in fact. In your search, you have heard about Close. As the name implies, their CRM will not only increase productivity, it will help your sales team close leads and prospects unlike any other. 

Full disclosure, The Sales Connection is a certified Close service provider. We have a unique affinity for the Close CRM platform because it was originally created by Silicon Valley salespeople who were disappointed by alternative CRMs on the market. Long story short, they built their own CRM for internal use only initially, but it quickly became a hit amongst other users, and the rest is history. 

We fell in love with this platform for two reasons: 

  1. It’s uniquely designed for the specific productivity needs of salespeople, 
  2. There is no venture funding or corporate overlords that might force them to add features that are incongruent with their mission. 

With that said, it’s full of terrific features that we think are meaningful for organizations that are focused on growth. Below is a breakdown of why Close is a sales team CRM solution that will deliver an exponential return on investment.

5 Advantages of CRM Software for Boosting Sales Team Performance

I. Helps Increase Sales Efficiency

Close has built-in tools that will create unparalleled efficiencies for your sales department, namely via the following capabilities:

  • Prioritize quality leads by delineating which leads are already qualified, engaged, interested, existing customers, et cetera.
  • Automates repetitive tasks so sales teams can focus attention on what matters most.

Efficiencies become evident from the moment a user logs in. They are presented with an INBOX that delineates priority tasks for the day from those that can wait. Further, responses for most tasks (replies to emails, SMS, schedule changes, etc.) can be attended to from within the INBOX view, which removes distraction. 

Benefits of Close CRM - Tasks

The CRM’s LEAD VIEW is also robust yet highly logical, including lead-related tasks, opportunities, contacts, and other customizable information that will help sales staff better know and close a prospect. The LEAD VIEW is particularly helpful in that it allows your team visible access to all interactions (email threads, meetings, and so forth) made between your company and the lead over the duration of the relationship. Close’s LEAD VIEW provides all of the context about the relationship. A new recruit can step in and, within minutes, can feel as if they have intimate knowledge of the company-prospect relationship. From this portal, the preferred form of contact can be initiated to engage the client for that final closing sale. If the prospect doesn’t respond, the attempt can be rolled into staff workflow and be ready in their INBOX the next day. 

Close’s BULK OUTREACH feature is also a major generator of efficiency. Using the CRM’s search and filtering tools, staff can create dynamic lists of leads that differentiate contacts by department (i.e. marketing), prior engagement, and more. Preset email or SMS templates can then be used to send out bulk outreach communications while staff prepares to receive responses based on proven conversion rates. Bulk outreach can be effective for one-off campaigns or simple announcements such as new product releases.

One efficiency that many sales staff appreciate the most is Close’s REPORTING functionality. Reporting updates in real time - no reloads or refreshes required - while providing individual and companywide views of closed and in-progress sales. The latter of which (in-progress sales) motivates stakeholders to cross the finish-line before a given period comes to an end.

Benefits of Close CRM Reporting


II. Slims Down Your Tech Stack

“Tech stack” is a neologism for the set of technologies used to develop an application, which in this case is in reference to customer relationship management (CRM) software.

In addition to a modern CRM, Close features tools that create a seamless sales experience for staff. These tech stack features include (but are not exclusive to) the following:

  • Calling
  • SMS
  • Email sync
  • Call transcription (voice to email or text, etc.)
  • Calendar sync
  • Video
  • Reporting

These items (and more) are native to the CRM so that you don’t have to download plugins and other integrations. It’s ready to roll as soon as you are. Nearly all features are included in Close’s iOs and Android apps which is helpful for when sales team members are out on meetings and the like.

benefits of close - integrations

III. Easy to Use

Onboarding new and existing sales staff is a seamless task, as Close is one of the easiest-to-use CRMs on the open market. This fact increases adoption and buy-in from your team, including those who lean more toward the luddite way of thinking (yes, there are still a few out there).

IV. Data Migration

You’re probably looking for a new CRM because you’ve hit a roadblock with the one you’re currently using or have used before. Logically, data migration is a big concern. This is not an issue with Close, as the platform allows users to migrate from more than a dozen other common CRMs on the market. This migration occurs within just a few clicks, thanks to the Salesforce migration tool. Between their modern API, CRM Migration Tool, Zapier Integration, and dozens of other zero-code integrations available, data migration is another potential pain point that falls by the wayside. There is also a team on standby (more on this below) should you need help with the migration, be it from another CRM, data warehouse, or other lead sources.

V. Connecting Top CRM to Top Sales Team Training Program

After considering everything above, you’ve come to the conclusion that Close may be precisely what you’re looking for to support staff and improve sales productivity. However, adoption of a new technology comes with some trepidation. Find peace of mind that you can integrate Close into your corporate environment by partnering with Canada’s top sales training company - The Sales Connection. In addition to our proven sales team development program (view here), we will build and optimize your CRM to automate 100% of the tracking, management, and accountability of your sales team. Build a sales engine with an approved CRM solutions partner and concurrently gain access to our other sales optimizing services/programs.

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