What It Takes to Hire a Team That Loves to Work Hard for You

What It Takes to Hire a Team That Loves to Work Hard for You

Learn ten leadership qualities you should have so that the people you work with will want to deliver their best work and stick around for the long haul.

Kayvon Kay
Kayvon Kay

February 27, 2022

10 Leadership Qualities You Need to Have

No one likes to work for somebody that lacks empathy, insight, or respect. It doesn’t matter how much you produce. If you have unhappy staff and a high turnover rate, your business will ultimately fail. Even if you don’t have a high turnover rate, if your staff is unhappy, they won’t have the drive or incentive to work hard, work honestly, or put 100% into anything.

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Great managers understand that the job needs to be rewarding both financially and emotionally. There has to be a healthy level of stress because team members need to be challenged or pushed to get the job done efficiently and effectively. They need a leader they can look up to, but what does it take to gain their respect?

Great managers have a great team behind them.

In this article, you’ll learn about ten qualities that you should have so that the people you work with will want to deliver their best work and stick around for the long haul. 

1. Knowledge in Every Area of Your Field

You don’t need to be an expert at everything. You just need to be good at delegating. It isn’t sustainable for leaders to do all the work, which means it’s usually best to tell someone else what to do and how they should do it.

However, you should know enough about every aspect of your industry to be able to at least have conversations about it. If you don’t know something, make sure you have the resources to learn the information you are lacking.

You are the one ultimately responsible for being thorough and clear when directing your team. You must be well-connected in your industry and be able to convey your insights so your team can properly execute them.

These skills are what build your team a safe foundation to work off. If you are an inspiring coach and knowledgeable, they will see you as an ally, and thus, come to you for guidance.

2. Effective Communication

When direction and expectations are communicated in a clear manner to your team members, production value, work ethic, quality, and efficiency all go up. Success naturally follows.

This is why communication is essential in creating a happy, thriving, and productive working environment. You also need to understand that each team member is unique. Great managers will implement and utilize different communication skills based on the personality and needs of the individual.

3. Positive Assertion

A great manager will always be assertive yet positive and optimistic. This trait will set the right tone for every team member you are working with. If you are upbeat and helpful, they will have a “deliver” attitude. Success will always be a hard thing to come by if you are presenting them with negative, harsh, or oppressive conditions.

4. Love for What You Do

If you love what you do, you will constantly be learning. This enthusiasm encourages your team to keep learning more as well!

Lead by doing. Invest your time and resources into self-growth and development. Put the necessary time and money into training and educating your staff. Show your hunger for self-improvement—it will be contagious.

Passion is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. Passion is the fuel that will inspire your team to be more, learn more, and in the end, do more.

5. Inspiring Leadership

Encourage each team member to connect and discuss your business and report back to you on innovative ideas they come up with, things to improve, and what needs to be fixed.

Engage in team conference calls to just talk shop a couple of times a month. Unleash their full potential by assuring them they have a fully supportive team and you are 100% behind them. Teach them how to work with one another and reward teamwork and comradery.

Again, lead by doing. Push your team to read books that will benefit your business. You can even assign a book every other month for them to read, and you can discuss it as a team bi-monthly. This will be a challenge for them that improves their knowledge in your field.

6. Healthy Stress Management

Top managers are able to manage their stress and be self-aware. Because of this ability, they are better equipped to manage the stress of their team when they need it the most.

Stress is the main place where the team has potential to burn out, short-circuit, or have a mental breakdown. This leads to poor production, treating others poorly, and a lack of quality work.

Great managers will ensure their team has adequate time for a healthy personal life as well as give them realistic tasks to complete in a realistic time. It’s all about balance.

7. Motivation

What separates successful managers from the opposite is passion. Passion is what allows them to self-motivate. They are able to motivate others by improving team morale and breeding the relationship between achievement and happiness. They are inspirational and are always redefining the team goal.

It’s not just about closing that one deal; it’s about their overall success as a group. When the success ball begins to roll, passions will surely peak.

8. Quality

The best of the best focus on quality as being the main ingredient to running a thriving business. There are so many other factors that play important roles, such as volume and productivity, but if your product or service is poor, so is your business.

Your team needs to know that nothing less than high quality is accepted. The quality of the product or service is what determines its value. If your team is selling something they are proud of, they will naturally sell more of it in less time.

9. Focus on Excellence

Your team must know that you expect only the best from yourself and also from them. You do not accept mediocrity. If someone is not producing excellent work, make an example of them and cut them loose. Poor results are absolutely unacceptable.

Again, encourage the sharing of ideas in your conference calls. If someone has a great idea, work on it and tweak it to perfection as a team. If this idea is super profitable, offer commission or bonuses. This will keep those brilliant ideas flowing and have your crew thinking outside the box.

10. Shared Success

Celebrate each team member’s accomplishments. This shows them that you not only appreciate their demanding work but that you believe in all of them doing well. Be solution-focused and generous with your attention, and remember to always have time for them when they come to you with good news or bad.

When you show appreciation, your team will treat their work and accomplishments with more importance. If you make a meaningful and significant impact on your staff, they will respect you and feel worthy and appreciated.

Notice the small every day wins as well—not just the big ones. This will lead to grander achievements. One last point here is that it never hurts to go out and celebrate once in a while.

Share your success with your team.

Wrapping Up

Building a team of talented, intelligent, and driven individuals isn’t easy. Not everyone you hire will make the cut, and you’ll likely have to let go of some people along the way.

That said, you have to remember that most of your team’s success falls on you. Once you finetune your tribe of talented individuals, try your best to implement the ten leadership qualities listed above. It will mean the difference between a dragging, sluggish, failing business that can’t get off the ground and a thriving, flourishing, forward-moving success story.

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Kayvon Kay

Kayvon Kay

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