8 Truths You Need to Master Your High-Ticket Sales Mindset
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8 Truths You Need to Master Your High-Ticket Sales Mindset

If you want to be among the best in the industry, you need to have the right mindset. Read about the eight fundamental truths that comprise a high-ticket closer mentality to kickstart your success.

Kayvon Kay
Kayvon Kay

February 24, 2022

8 Truths You Need to Master Your High-Ticket Sales Mindset

There’s a myth about becoming a high-ticket closer that says success comes down to having the right script or the ability to manipulate other people. This isn’t only wrong; it fuels a terrible perception people have about sales.

It makes people think that a career in sales is only for confident extroverts, that it revolves around manipulation and black-hat tactics, that it’s about greed and pushing people to “pull the trigger.”

None of that is true. At its core, sales is about connecting the right people with the right service. If you’re good at this job, you’re able to help people grow, evolve, and take action on things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Sales isn’t about selling anything to anyone. It’s about selling the right thing to the right someone—but this doesn’t just happen on its own. You have to work hard and truly commit to becoming a true high-ticket closer. You’re not born with it. You earn it and become it.

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The biggest aspect of this centers around having the right sales mindset. The right attitude towards the job is what characterizes the one percent and separates them from everyone else.

You don’t become a high-ticket closer without getting your mindset on track. It’s the foundation that sets you up for everything else. Without it, it doesn’t matter how many tips and tricks you learn.

That’s what this article will show you. In the following sections, you’ll learn about the eight fundamental truths that make up the high-ticket closer’s mindset. These are the things you should live by if you want to succeed not just in sales but also in life.

Living by these eight rules will help you master your sales mindset.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #1: Live This Way of Life

If you want to become not only a master high-ticket closer but also the master of your sales mindset—and, therefore, the master of your life—you need to change your entire outlook on sales.

  • “I don’t like sales. I’m not good at it. I only do it because I have to.”
  • “I love the work I do, but I hate having to sell it. I just wish someone else would do it for me.”
  • “I sell when I have to, but I prefer to work on other parts of my business.”
  • “I don’t ask the right questions and seem to do nothing but create objections and resistance.”

If you’ve caught yourself saying something like this before, you need to flip your thinking right now.

Sales is a way of life. If you want to win, you have to sell. The art of closing isn’t something you only do sometimes. It needs to be part of you always.

Until you flip this switch, you’ll never achieve what you could. You’re giving yourself permission to fail and coming up with excuses before you begin. It’s a failure’s mindset. And it’s one you need to get rid of.

The difference between the best high-ticket closers and everyone else is that the best of the best live and breathe it. Not because they’re overly confident or arrogant, and not because they have a gift for words.

It’s a way of life for them. They know the only way they can have a truly massive impact on those they serve is if they get them to invest in taking the right steps.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #2: Master the Fundamentals

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make—and most people, in general—is that they want to skip to the finish line.

Many people want to learn how to close a deal, how to overcome objections, what script they should use, or how to speak to different types of personalities. They want all the sizzle and glory but are often unwilling to put in the hard work.

This is not how it works! If you want a high-ticket closer mindset, you need to master the fundamentals and learn how to do the small, seemingly insignificant steps better than anyone else.

The best athletes in history didn’t become great because of some unique talent. They became the best because they put in the work.

They did what most people refuse to do. They mastered the fundamentals, obsessed over them, and found new ways to reach a new level beyond that.

If you want to become a high ticket closer—one of the best—you need the same obsession as them. You need to live it and immerse yourself in it. You need to know those fundamentals like they are part of you. Until you do, you’ll only ever be good.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #3: Show Up 100% Every Time

It’s astounding how many people think they’re a pro just because it’s their job. Just because you sell to your customers doesn’t make you a pro. Even if you’re good at sales and make a lot of money from doing it, it doesn’t make you a pro.

If you want to become a high-ticket closer, you need to show up with your A-game every sales call, every meeting, every conversation, every moment.

If you don’t show up with 100% effort each time, you’re falling short of being a pro. The best athletes show up for training with the same intensity as they do for the big game. They only know one way of working, and it’s with the dial turned up to a hundred.

If you want to master sales, you need the same commitment and discipline.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #4: Stay Creative

“What script should I use?” is what just about many aspiring sales professionals want to find out. They assume that the secret to success is some script, tip, trick, or hack. They want it to be that easy because if it were, they’d be able to do it, too.

Everyone wants a shortcut to success, but you know this isn’t how it works.

Should you have a process to follow? Yes. Should you have scripts and templates? Of course. But having access to this doesn’t make you a high-ticket closer. You don’t instantly become a pro.

To have that mindset, you need to go into every single sales call ready to go off-script and improvise. You need to wake up each day ready to try something new, get creative, and rewrite the rules.

You need to be creative every single day! Each time you think you have a proven process that works, it’s time to step back and think about how you can make it better. 

Those who don’t are those who get passed by. Someone younger, hungrier, and more creative will come along and overtake you.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition over the years, you need to always apply your creativity and avoid becoming complacent. Once you figure that out, you’ll have the edge needed to succeed through the years. 

Harness your creativity to avoid become complacent.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #5: Be Organized

Those at the top of their game are highly organized. They have routines and a schedule. They make it look easy because they turn up more organized than everyone else.

The same eye for detail applies to sales. You can’t just turn up to a call and wing it. You have to be organized and do your research. Develop a pre-sales routine and similar habits that set you up for true success. Each day, know what you’re about to do before you do it.

This is how the best make it look easy. You can do the same, but you have to make it easy by being and staying organized. This is the mindset of a high-ticket closer. Sure, they have experience and probably could show up and wing it. But they don’t—because that’s what amateurs do.

No matter what the call, they go through their routine. They stick to their habits. They follow the process. And they stay organized at each step.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #6: Take Ownership of Your Outcomes

Many people struggle with this. They don’t realize that they’re getting in their own ways and blaming others for their failures. 

To have the right high-ticket mindset, you need to quit playing the victim. Own your outcomes no matter what. Understand your pain. You are where you are now because of you. However good or bad it is, it is on you.

When you do something amazing, own it and celebrate. When you fail or make a mistake, own it and learn. A high-ticket closer is someone who owns their outcomes. They don’t blame other people. They don’t expect other people to do it for them. They don’t expect anything.

All they do is turn up with their A-game, ready for whatever comes next, and own it, whether good or bad. You have to do the same and take ownership of your outcomes. Once you do, you’ll see just how powerful this change in your state of mind is. You go from someone who sits back waiting to a person who steps up and takes what they need.

The only person who can achieve what you want is you, so quit looking to other people. Own it and become it.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #7: Acquire an Insatiable Appetite for Success

You might imagine the best salespeople in the world to be obsessed with money, but this isn’t actually the case.

The likes of Anik Singal, Fred Lam, Peter Sage, Carolin Soldo, and Tom Wang don’t focus on just the money. It isn’t what truly drives them to do what they do. It’s not what motivates them to push the boundaries and continue to challenge themselves every single day.

What pushes these successful people is an insatiable appetite for success. They’re warriors, winners, and masters of their craft. They see what they do as an art form. They push out of their comfort zone because they want to prove they have what it takes.

This is the sort of appetite you need. Becoming a high-ticket closer goes beyond selling. It’s much more than the skills, talent, and commitment you need to get to the top of your game and stay there. It’s the ability to push to a new level, even when you think you’re at the top. It’s the dedication to go one step further, even if you don’t financially have to.

High-Ticket Closer Truth #8: Always Represent Something Bigger Than Yourself

Building upon the previous point, you need to do what you do beyond the money it gives you.

Money is important. It lets you afford things that you love, but it shouldn’t be what drives you each day. A high-ticket closer pushes for something far beyond what they themselves represent.

Ask yourself:

  • “What’s your vision?”
  • “What’s your purpose?”
  • “What’s the one impact you’ll have on this world?”

Each one of us gets one life. That’s it. What you do with it is up to you. If all you think about is money, you’ll likely never rise to the top of your industry. You need to represent something much bigger.

Living the good life is the direct result of mastering your success-based mindset.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be among the best in the industry, you need to learn how to do the job the right way. You need to adopt the right mindset that will help you reach success and avoid the mistakes everyone else makes.

By living by these eight truths, not only will you take what you do to the next level, you’ll be able to maintain an upward trajectory towards greater and greater success at all times.

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Kayvon Kay

Kayvon Kay

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