Why Hiring a Sales Agency is Important

Why Hiring a Sales Agency is Important

Hiring a sales agency is one decision to consider if you want to grow your company for the long term, but what exactly are the benefits of doing so? Learn about the advantages this choice can bring and what it will mean for your business.

Kayvon Kay
Kayvon Kay

March 24, 2022

In a few minutes, you’ll know why hiring a sales agency is important.

You don’t need me to tell you how important sales is to your business.

Your sales team plays a fundamental role in your growth.

And as we’ve already discussed, there’s a proven process on how to build a sales team.

BUT… should you be the one who builds it? Is it the best use of your time? Do you have the right skill set, experience, and connections to build a world-class sales team? If you’re like many busy business owners and entrepreneurs, the answer is no.

This is why hiring a sales agency is important. Still unsure? Keep reading…

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Table of Contents — Why Hiring a Sales Agency is Important

  1. Why Do You Need a Sales Team?
  2. What Are The Benefits of Sales Agents (and Hiring a Sales Agency)
  3. Why is Recruitment Important in Sales
  4. Why Hiring a Sales Agency is Important — The Conclusions

Not all sales teams are built the same.

Why Hiring a Sales Agency is Important

At The Sales Connection, we know what it takes to build a successful, effective, and ever-improving sales team. From the culture you build to the people you hire, we’ve seen what works—and what doesn’t. This is how we help our clients. We save them time (and money) by building the sales team they need. 

Each team differs. Each situation differs. This is why hiring a sales agency is important because when you work with someone like us, we appreciate what you NEED.

No waste. No mistakes. No headaches.

But we’ll dive deeper into that soon. First, let’s cover some of the basics.

Why Do You Need a Sales Team?

It may sound strange, but far too many companies don’t think they need a sales team. They believe (wrongly) that in today’s online-driven world, all they need to do is share a few social media posts. This is insane. For starters, it undervalues the true nature of sales and what goes into the process.

Beyond this, it leaves so much money on the table!

So, do you need a sales team? The answer is yes, assuming you wish to grow your business.

If you’re happy with where you are and are okay falling behind, feel free to stop reading now.

Here are a few high-level benefits of having a sales team:

  • Generate more relevant leads
  • Effectively overcome objections
  • Learn more about your customers (what they want, don’t want, etc…)
  • Increased revenue
  • Lowering your competitors’ revenue (by taking customers off of them)
  • Increased loyalty with your existing customers
  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Lower acquisition costs per customer
  • to name just a few…

What your sales team looks like—and the finer details of it—that’s another question. Each one differs, which is why hiring a sales agency is important. But do you need a sales team? Yes!! 100% YES!!

What Are The Benefits of Sales Agents (and Hiring a Sales Agency)

Now we know you need a sales team, the focus turns toward building one.

How? How do you build a sales team? And are you the right person for the job?

The reality is, you’re not. That isn’t to say you don’t have the skills, either. But do you have the time? Do you have the bandwidth to commit to the process? If you’re like most people we speak to, no.

That’s where hiring a sales agency comes in. There are some serious benefits of doing so:

  • Access to a large talent pool: to begin with, a sales agency like The Sales Connection has some serious connections. We have access to a proven pool of talent that you simply don’t get when building a sales team yourself.
  • Streamlined process: a sales agency also has a series of processes and systems that work. This is their job. This is what they do each week. They know what to do and they know when to do it. No guesswork. No wastage. It’s streamlined, saving you time and money.
  • Expertise and experience: following on from above, this is what a sales agency does! This is their expertise. They have experience building teams of various sizes. In various industries. Working in various circumstances. Again, no guesswork. No waste. No mess!
  • “Big picture” thinking: this is something we pride ourselves on at The Sales Connection. Whenever we build a sales team, we keep the “big picture” in mind. Sure, the short-term matters. Yet we know what happens in the long-term when you build a world-class team. It’s like a game of chess, and we make sure we’re always a few moves ahead.
  • Improved efficiency: time is money. You have none to waste. You don’t only need an efficient sales team, but you need to efficiently build one. Again, this is what a sales agency does. It’s their job. It’s their world!
  • Lower costs: there’s this myth that outsourcing a sales team costs more money than an in-house one. This can be true if you hire the wrong sales agency (and only think in the short term). But when you zoom out a little, you see how much the “right” sales agency can save you—both money and time.
  • Frees up your existing team: no matter how big or small your current team is, they have better things to do than build a sales team. Free them up to grow your business. Don’t bog them down with this process.

None of this is to say you can’t build a sales team yourself. We have some great resources to help you do that (which we share next). But it comes down to time. Your time is precious. Each moment you waste is one you never get back. You know this, of course. You also know how much time hiring anyone in any department can take.

Yet if you want to grow your business, you need to expand your team.

The question is, are you the person that should do the heavy lifting?

Why is Recruitment Important in Sales

Not all sales teams are built the same. A great one makes you money. A bad one costs you money.

It’s that simple.

Yet too many business owners get caught up in ticking boxes. They’re so busy doing everything else that they forget about the cost of a bad hire. Well let’s get something clear… a bad hire costs you A LOT!!

  • They take a salary
  • They leave money on the table
  • They disrupt your positive sales culture
  • They keep you stuck where you are
  • They waste your time (and other people’s on your team)
  • They sow bad seeds with your clients
  • They cost you money in training

The reason recruitment in sales matters is because you cannot afford to hire the wrong person—let alone the wrong sales team. The costs are simply too high. They prevent you from breaking through that next glass ceiling.

Worse, you run the risk of them dragging you behind your competitors.

Whether you build a sales team yourself or outsource this process to an agency, getting this right matters. This is why we’ve written a series of articles to help you on your way:

Be sure to bookmark these and study them in full. Doing so helps you decide whether you should hire a sales agency to build your sales team. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. All we know for sure is you cannot leave this decision to chance.

A bad sales team costs you money.

Why Hiring a Sales Agency is Important — The Conclusions

After reading this, you hopefully understand why hiring a sales agency is important. Not every business needs to go down this route, of course. But in our experience, many should.

Although many waste a lot of time and money before they figure this out...

Our hope with this article is to help you make the right decision for your company. If you have the time and skillset to build a sales team, great. If not, there’s an alternative. You have a choice. What matters is you make the correct one!

To help you make this happen, your next step is to Apply To Partner with US — we’d love to speak with you, learn about *your* business, and set out the tailored plan and strategy you need.

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Kayvon Kay

Kayvon Kay

Kayvon has over two decades of experience working with high-level closers and perfecting his sales methodologies. He has earned the title of Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative and continues to share his expertise as a keynote speaker and through his multi-million-dollar coaching program.

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